As issue one comes to a close…someone is doing a little after hours detective work.  Who could it be and why are they interested in what Amanda’s mother left in the safe deposit box? We’ll have to wait until issue two to find out more!

Thank you so much for checking out Mimic #1.  It’s the first comic book I ever storyboarded and wrote…and its the first one Ren ever drew start to finish I believe.  Like I said at the start, Mimic is a five issue story, roughly 110 pages of story.  I’ve been working on issues 1 and 2 simultaneously so HOPEFULLY y’all won’t have to wait very long before the next chapter comes out!

In the meantime, “Chaotic” Is another 5 issue story, completely separate but set in the same world as Mimic.  When I was building out this website last summer, I worked on completing issue one of that story to use as a proof of concept.  It’s also hosted on this site, also completely for free.

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