Cover page for Mimic! Cover and interiors by Ren Chu.  This is the first comic book I’ve every wrote and storyboarded…and I am so excited to share it all here for you.

Mimic started as a pretty simple concept.  As a kid, and still to this day, I LOVED the X-men.  A question I always had was…what if someone had the ability to absorb super powers, kind of like Rogue, but lived in a world were no other powers existed.  They would essentially be just completely normal…right?

Another thing I wanted to explore with Mimic was…what would superpowers manifesting in our world really look like.  People wouldn’t just suddenly develop a heroic streak…so I doubt it would really reflect the world we see with the pages of Marvel comics.  One of the most realistic takes on this concept, that I’ve seen, was show in the first season of NBC’s Heroes.  For me…very few people are actually “heroes” in the sense we normally think of.  Rather, I think anybody has the capacity to be a hero…based on specific choices they make in specific situations.

Since working on Mimic I’ve had a TON of ideas for comics in various stages of development.  Six ideas to be exact. They’d all be set in the same universe that I’m laying the foundations for here with Mimic.  My idea is to finish all five issues of Mimic first, roughly 110 pages of story, before moving on to the others.  I’ve been working on issues 1 and 2 simultaneously, so hopefully it won’t be to long before issue two is ready for everyone to read!


Last note: careful about hitting “Previous” on the navigator, it’ll take you to the ending of Chaotic’s first issue “There’s Always a Catch.“  It’s a comic I worked on last summer, in the middle of producing Mimic, as a proof of concept!  If you want to check it out I’d hit “First” and read through it from the begging.  It’s the start of another series in the Mimic Universe that I intend to revisit and finish one day!